Apply for the Development Race Team

Team Segment 28 2025 Rider Application

Team Durango Segment 28 is scouting for young and local racers to join their Racing Development Program for the 2025 season. We are searching for racers who can fit our team vision, goals, and vibes.

We are looking for riders who are:

• Local (approximately 1-hour drive from Durango)

• Young (racing age 16 – 25)

• Experienced with endurance bike racing (at least a couple of years)

• Committed to performing better at races (you aspire to have a career in racing bikes)

• Committed to creating value to yourself, a team, and our cycling community (beyond just being a “fast bike racer”)

How to Apply:

In order to apply, please upload an Application Resume (PDF document of 1-2 pages). In your document, we ask for the following points to be covered:

• Basic information (name, racing age, gender, contact info, riding disciplines…)

• Links to your social media channels (Instagram, Facebook…) and potentially other media
initiatives you were part of

• Racing background (recap of your athletic background, highlight results, racing goals – short term 1 year and long term 4-5 years)

• What do bike riding and bike racing mean to you?

• Explain how the Durango cycling community has been a part of your life? What have you done to be part of, or ideally promote, our cycling community?

• What races would you like to attend next year? This can be a very general idea or a clear racing calendar

• What support are you hoping to receive from the team? Don’t be shy!

• If you’re racing age 20-25, please inform us regarding your ability as a mentor for younger riders as well.

The Application Resume is not an ‘exam’, but rather a ‘canvas’ to express yourself. You should work creatively to express yourself in the resume and provide the information requested above as part of your work. Feel free to add more information, but keep it under 2 pages, please. As
part of our selection process, we do look for creativity and quality content.

We will evaluate your Application Resume as an example of the quality content you can provide (written, photos, video, your social media…) as a team member. The ability of a team member to provide added value to the team (required social media content, taking part in local events, promoting sponsors, helping the team operations…) is as EQUALLY important as getting good results at bike races.

The application deadline is August 31 st, we will review the applications, reach out to promising potentials for an in-person interview, and final confirmation to follow after (probably by the end of September).